Hey there, my name is Vineet Gupta

I am based out of New Delhi, India. I have over 10 years of experience in SEO.

I am currently working as an SEO Consultant. Giving my services to one of the top influencers in our industry, a mobile app development company, and a few others clients. I am also providing PR and  Link Building services to various SaaS companies and as a part of the campaigns, I have started writing for various publications like Readwrite, Hackernoon, Yourstory, Skedsocial, Thecxlead, and many more such websites.

My Story: How I Accidentally Got Started With SEO?

Yes, getting into SEO was not by choice, but it was by chance. Here’s how it happened…

I did B.Com and Software Engineering with the aim to get a job in an IT Company. But I was not at all liking coding and I was wondering why am I doing it… 

Somehow I completed Software Engineering and then decided to learn Web Designing which always seems exciting to me.

After learning Web Designing I went for an interview at ClickMavis for a Web Designing job but during the interview, the employer told me that they don’t have an opening for a Web Designer, rather they were looking for someone to join to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I wanted a job to get exposure so I joined them and there they taught me the basics of SEO. That’s when I fell in love with SEO ❤️

Later, with the same company when I gained experience I got an opportunity to train some students as well. They had a training division and I gave a few SEO lessons there.

Leading The Marketing Team for a SaaS Company

After ClickMavis, I joined a SaaS company – ProProfs.

I joined ProProfs as a Digital Marketing Team Lead and left ProProfs as a Digital Marketing Manager. We have over a hundred thousand pages indexed in Google and we get over 10 Million monthly traffic. Working with such a big website gives me a lot of new opportunities and challenges to learn from.

Why I Started 5MinutesSEO Newsletter?

5MinutesSEO Newsletter is an initiative to help you learn more in less time. Learn SEO and other marketing concepts in under 300 words, which should not take more than 5 minutes of your time. 

I share all the insights with my email subscribers. (at the bottom of this page you can subscribe to my email list and get the updates, it’s free of cost!)

What about 5MinutesSEO.com/Blog?

I started the blog section to document all the learning from my 10+ years of experience for SEO beginners.

If Beginners Need Any Help, They Can Contact Me via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Email me at vineet@5minutesseo.com