Do you want to know how the Tailwind Instagram marketing tool works? This Tailwind for Instagram Review comprehensive guide will get you familiar with every aspect of this tool.

Most of us aren’t oblivious to the power of Instagram in Social Media Marketing these days. According to recent research, 81% of the users use Instagram to research products and services while 46% of users have actually made some purchases after having seen the products and services on Instagram. 

If you haven’t thought of using Instagram as yet, you are missing huge marketing and sales opportunities for sure.

Even though you can use a dozen of apparently promising tools for Instagram marketing, the reality is that most Instagram marketing is based on guesswork and further, it takes a lot of analysis and time.

If you are an Instagram marketer, Tailwind for Instagram is the only tool that you will ever need. Most importantly, Tailwind for Instagram has very well addressed some of the pressing issues that most Instagram marketers have been facing over the years. 

Most importantly, the tool helps you break out of all guesswork and time-wasting. Instead, it helps you create eye-catching posts. The tool offers you a lot of handy and advanced features. 

In this post, I will help you understand what makes Tailwind for Instagram the best Instagram marketing and scheduling tool.

What Is Tailwind for Instagram

Tailwind for Instagram is an Instagram marketing tool that allows you to create optimized Instagram posts much faster than ever before without any guesswork. The tool comes with crucial features such as SmartSchedule, Hashtag Finder, and Time-saving Shortcuts.

Tailwind for Instagram allows you to plan your Instagram feed visually and help your posts stand out amongst the others. Besides, using this tool, you will never run out of ideas because Tailwind for Instagram has a lot of post templates and you will always have the best ways to present your posts. 

Another handy feature is the free landing page. That way, you can create multiple customized landing pages to direct the Instagram traffic to your sales page.

Who Is Tailwind for Instagram For?

Tailwind for Instagram is designed for Instagram marketers who want to make the most out of this platform to find the right prospects for their products or services and send them to the sales pages in a convincing way in no time. 

However, until Tailwind came up with this tool for Instagram, marketers were spending a lot more time than what is actually required in analyzing and experimenting on the platform. 

The precious time had got wasted in:  

  • Finding powerful hashtags, 
  • Wondering about good content ideas,  
  • Finding the right prospects, 
  • Getting resources from other platforms to create amazing posts

Altogether, it was just so time-consuming. Further, there was never a surety for them to always succeed with their posts since most of the work was based on guessing. However, Tailwind for Instagram has made the work fast and accurate.

Do You Even Need the Instagram Tailwind Tool?

You might still wonder if you really need the Instagram Tailwind tool and if you should carry on with your conventional way of marketing on the platform. Let me help you visualize this better. First off, as a marketer, you know for sure that time is money. 

However, if you use Instagram for fun and have a lot of time, you can of course, carry on without Tailwind for Instagram. For marketers or businesses, using Instagram without Tailwind is like overlooking huge growth opportunities for your businesses. 

  • As long as you use Tailwind for Instagram, you don’t have to spend extra time on finding new ideas and all you would need to do is browse through the post templates. 
  • Besides, you don’t have to spend time collecting images from other platforms. You will find everything within the same tool. 
  • Finding the right hashtags and analyzing the audience on Instagram is a very tiresome process. Tailwind for Instagram makes it a lot easier with its hashtags finder and wide range of optimized post templates. 
  • Most importantly, scheduling your posts using the Tailwind for Instagram is ridiculously simple.

Tailwind for Instagram Features Review

It’s time that we look at the important features of Tailwind for Instagram and this will also help you understand how to make the most out of this brilliant Instagram marketing tool. Tailwind for Instagram has taken Instagram marketing to a new level of perfection. 

Let me explain its features one by one to give you a clear picture of this powerful Instagram marketing tool.

1. Scheduling and Publishing

Tailwind for Instagram allows you to make the fullest use of scheduling posts and using this tool, you can schedule posts for a week in just 15 minutes. Using this tool, you can have your posts and videos automatically published on Instagram.

Schedule Instagram post using tailwind
Schedule & Publish Instagram post using Tailwind

Besides, you can improve engagement by scheduling your stories and carousels. You can even schedule your hashtags to appear in the first comment and that way, you can have exceptionally clean captions.

2. Instagram Planner

The next feature to consider is the Instagram planner and Tailwind for Instagram not only helps you plan your Instagram posts for a week but also allows you to arrange posts in the most visually appealing way in advance in just about a few minutes.

Tailwind planner for Instagram
Visual Planner for Instagram by Tailwind

When I say visual planning, it comprises drag and drops grid display, previewing the posts before posting, using the best photos in conjunction with the best posting times. 

Further, Tailwind for Instagram never lets you run out of content ideas and has various personalized post templates, caption templates, and recommended post types to help you speed up your work. 

3. Hashtags Finder

Before I start describing this feature, I want you to think about your ways of finding hashtags so far and you will at once realize that it was more of guessing.

I am sure a lot of you must be using free tools like Ingramer, All Hashtag, and more, to find the hashtags for Instagram posts. However, it’s difficult to determine which hashtags can help you reach more people and your desired target audience.

If you think about these conventional ways of finding hashtags, most of the time, it’s like copying and pasting outdated hashtags, and that way, a lot of your effort and time has simply gone in vain. 

However, Tailwind for Instagram helps you effortlessly get the perfect hashtags for your posts to reach the right audience. With the Tailwind for Instagram Hashtag Finder, you have the advantage of intelligent hashtag recommendations for every post

Hashtag finder - Tailwind for Instagram review
Tailwind Hashtag Finder for Instagram

The tool also helps you display your hashtags in the first comment in no time. Most importantly, you can save the top-performing lists and add new tags to them. Further, using the Hashtag Finder takes comparatively much lesser time than finding hashtags in a conventional way.

4. Smart Bio

We are no stranger to the importance of the bio section on Instagram and that’s where Tailwind’s Smart.Bio comes into play. The Smart.Bio is a well-conceived feature to effectively drive traffic from Instagram using your bio link all the way to your landing pages.

tailwind social media, - Tailwind Smart Bio App
Get for Instagram using Tailwind app

As far as landing pages go, you can have branded landing pages from Tailwind for Instagram itself. Besides, you can track and measure every link click. Most importantly, it is exceptionally easy to brand your bio using the Smart.Bio feature and you can do it in just a few minutes. 

I am sure you know that branding the bio is usually not an easy job and needs you to put a lot of thought into it. However, Smart.Bio has made it exceptionally simple. With the Smart.Bio feature, you can effectively promote your product, sell your products, and deliver qualified leads.

5. Insights & Post Inspector

Another amazing feature of the Instagram scheduling tool by Tailwind is Insights and Post Inspector. It gives insights into your Instagram account

You will access to various metrics like: 

  • Your Instagram follow growth over a period of time.
  • Reaction Score: how much your posts are being liked or commented on across your Instagram account.
  • Engagement Score: how much engagement your posts are getting on the “per-Follower ”basis.

In a grid format, you can also view all the posts that you have published along with their publish date, likes and, comments each post has received. Moreover, you can also schedule those posts again.

Tailwind for Instagram Review: Ease of Use

Tailwind for Instagram is ridiculously simple to use, as long as you are familiar with the various aspects of Instagram. Besides, Tailwind is pretty easy to set up and all it takes is signing up with your Instagram account. For an average Instagram user, it should take just about 10 to 15 minutes to get the hang of the Tailwind tool. 

All the features of this tool are designed to save you a lot of time alongside helping you with the most effective Instagram marketing. The features of this tool are easy to understand and use.

Tailwind for Instagram Review: Support

Support service plays a very crucial role in the success of any online tool and it holds true for Tailwind for Instagram as well. You never know when you run into some sort of technical difficulty and that’s where good support comes into play.

Tailwind for Instagram offers assistance through email. Besides, Tailwind has a comprehensive knowledge base for quick reference.

Tailwind for Instagram Review: Pricing

Moving over to Pricing, Tailwind for Instagram is available in two versions; the FREE trial and the Premium version. The FREE trial is actually the Tailwind FREE version since there is no time limit. The only limit is in terms of the number of posts you can schedule using this tool.

tailwind for Instagram pricing

The FREE version allows you to use all the Tailwind features. However, it is limited to only 30 posts. The best part is you don’t need to enter your credit card details during the signup. 

The Premium version is available for $9.99 per month with yearly billing. The Premium version supports 1 Instagram account, 2 collaborators, and offers unlimited post scheduling. Besides, it allows you to track your traffic through

What Do You Get in the Free Version of Tailwind for Instagram?

Tailwind’s FREE version actually allows you to use all its features without any limitations and the only limitation is the fact that you can only use the tool for scheduling 30 Instagram posts. 

To get the Tailwind FREE version, you can sign up for a FREE trial and it won’t require any card details. Until you create 30 posts, it is just as good as using the Premium version.

Tailwind for Instagram Premium Review?

Tailwind for Instagram Premium version is the most comprehensive tool for any Instagram marketer backed by well-conceived features that address many of the issues that marketers had to encounter with the old way of using Instagram. 

In simple words, Tailwind for Instagram speeds up your Instagram marketing and also makes it a lot more perfect than ever before. Features such as Hashtags Finder, SmartSchedule, and Smart.Bio has taken Instagram marketing to a new level of effectiveness.

Tailwind for Instagram Pros

  • Easy set up and easy to use
  • Saves you a lot of time
  • Helps you target your audience with much accuracy
  • Helps you direct your audience to your landing pages much effectively
  • Allows you to create landing pages for free
  • Offers perfect hashtags
  • Scheduling is much smarter with the right mix of visually appealing content and right time

Tailwind for Instagram Cons

  • Limited pricing option with just one paid plan to choose

My Verdict: Is Tailwind for Instagram Worth It?

Reading this post so far, you should by now be pretty sure of what a powerful Instagram marketing tool Tailwind for Instagram is. 

Even though the tool helps you break out of many Instagram marketing limitations, you have to decide for yourself if you should really consider using this tool. 

My job was to only introduce you to this amazing tool. Let me help you a bit more in deciding on this:

Buy Tailwind for Instagram if:

  • You want to see your business grow
  • You are an Instagram marketer
  • You want to have more accurate Instagram marketing
  • You want to do Instagram marketing with less time and effort
  • You want to posts to look more professional and attractive
  • You want to have more sales in less time
  • You want to direct Instagram traffic to landing pages more effectively

Ignore Tailwind for Instagram if:

  • You use Instagram just for fun’s sake
  • You don’t have a business
  • You want to carry on with the old styled Instagram marketing
  • You have enough time 
  • You don’t care much about accurate Instagram marketing
  • You don’t need to  boost your sales at the moment

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