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Semrush is a popular all-in-one digital marketing platform used by marketers for keyword research, SEO campaigns, competitor analysis, Pay Per Clicks(PPC), and content marketing campaigns.

It’s also a fantastic tool used to optimize websites for search engines hence improving online visibility.

Here’s an overview that helps you grab the best ideas about Semrush coupon codes and promo codes for 2022.

Semrush Coupon Code 2022

Get Semrush Pro plan at just $119.95 monthly

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RAting: 5.0
Ongoing Offer

Get Semrush Guru plan at just $229.95 monthly

This is the current price for the semrush pro plan on their website.
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Get Semrush Business plan at just $449.95 monthly

This is the current price for the semrush pro plan on their website.
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Ongoing Offer

Why Should You Use Semrush?

Semrush is a critical and competitive tool for businesses serious about their online presence. It’s used by approximately 10 million people globally and has the largest keyword database with a total number of over 22.3 billion keywords. That’s quite intriguing, right?

With the unique semrush pricing and features designed to help your website appear on the first page of SERPs, here are the reasons why you should use semrush.

  • You can perform effective and valuable keyword research. Semrush’s keyword magic tool helps you understand how people search online and the keywords used by your competitors extremely fast.
  • You can analyze and understand your site’s performance and metrics with just a few clicks on a real-time basis. Semrush’s Domain overview tool gives you an insight and full glimpse of your campaign’s performance, including backlinks and current organic and paid traffic.
  • You can monitor and keep abreast with your competition. The organic search tool helps you get valuable information from your competitors, including their best keywords and what they’re doing with their SEO campaigns. In addition, using the keyword gap tool helps you compare your keywords with the competition and identify any gaps.
  • You can create writer and SEO-friendly templates. Once you find your target keyword, you can use the SEO content template that helps you craft SEO-friendly and well-organized content for search engines.
  • You can design an effective link-building strategy. With Semrush’s backlink analytics, you can evaluate your and competitors’ backlinks at a glance. You can then use this information to have more inbound links to your content.
  • You can conduct your site’s audit seamlessly. Using Semrush’s site audit features gives you high-priority technical issues, and actionable suggested on-page and off-page site issues to fix.
  • Semrush is cost-effective. Although it appears to be an expensive platform, it’s reasonably priced when compared to the benefits it provides. You can get a semrush lifetime deal by subscribing to the semrush pro plan, semrush guru plan, or semrush business plan.

Semrush Pricing Plans

Let’s look at the three Semrush pricing plans.

plans and pricing of Semrush
Semrush pricing

Image source: Semrush

  • Free plan. The Semrush free version offers you one project, ten searches, and ten keywords to track each day.
  • Semrush pro plan is an excellent choice for small marketing teams, freelancers, and startups. It’s available at $119.95 monthly. You can track up to 5 projects and offer 500 keyword tracking with over 10,000 results per report.
  • Mid-sized businesses mainly use the semrush guru plan. It’s available at $229.95 monthly and lets you track up to 15 projects and 1500 keywords.
  • Semrush business plan is ideal for enterprise-level businesses and large agencies. It costs $449.95 monthly and lets you manage up to 40 projects, with up to 50,000 reports per report. The fantastic thing is that you can track 5000 keywords.

How to Redeem the Semrush Coupon Code?

Step 1: Visit

SEMrush official website
Semrush homepage

Image source: Semrush

Step 2: Then go to the Semrush pricing page where you will get three pricing options. Choose your pricing option and click on ‘subscribe’ under your preferred pricing plan.

Pro Tip: To get the discount, click on the 'pay annually' button.
Semrush plans and pricing comparison
Semrush plan & features comparison

Image source: Semrush

Step 3: You will be asked to sign up & create a Semrush account

create semrush account & signup
Create Semrush account

Image Source: Semrush

Step 4: To complete your purchase, you’ll need to enter the payment details and click on the ‘Place the Order’ button.

payment page on
Semrush billing page

Image Source: Semrush

If you wish to cancel the free trial, you can do it anytime.

You may be asking yourself, can I use the Semrush promo code without a credit card? And the answer is absolute yes.

You simply need to follow the above steps and click ‘skip trial’ on the part where you’re asked to select the Semrush plan.

Semrush Trial plan
Semrush Trial Plan

You’ll, however, get limited access to Semrush tools.

Semrush Annual Plan: Redeem the Semrush Coupon Code on the Annual Plan & Get a 7-Days Free Trial

SemrushAnnual Price
Semrush Pro $99.95
Semrush Guru $191.62
Semrush Business $374.95

Why should you use the Semrush discount code?

Semrush provides perfect pricing plans according to your marketing needs and budget. You’re assured of up to 17% off on your annual subscriptions!

Generally, Semrush offers a 7-day free trial on the pro and guru plans and a 7-day free trial on the pro plan. Isn’t that a great deal? So, if you’re looking to redeem the best Semrush coupon code 2022 or Semrush promo code 2022, don’t forget to claim your free trial.

Grab this offer today and grow your business to the next level.

So, did you manage to claim the coupon code provided in this post? I hope you did.

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