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It’s a cloud-based plugin to quickly speed up websites with speed optimization features like advanced caching, image optimization, script minification, etc It’s a budget-friendly tool with one-time licenses for using its features. With the premium version, you get more features including image optimization, cache deletion, etc. It is a free plugin that if fully configured can bring 10x improvement in the website speed with features like code minification, mobile support, etc.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Compatible with other hosting solution and plugins.
  • All-time support from the technical team
  • Very budget-friendly.
  • CSS and HTML minification features.
  • SSL and CDN support.
    • Transparent content delivery network.
    • Support for responsive websites and web pages.
    • 10x improvement in website performance.


    While less costly than WP Rocket, it still is expensive in comparison to other alternatives. No multi-site compatibility. Not suitable for people with no technical knowledge.

    Having a caching plugin on your website is essential to its speed and performance and when you think of that, there’s nothing better than WP Rocket. Yet it’s not a free plugin. So, people on a budget might look for the best WP Rocket alternatives. 

    If you’re among those people, this is the place where you should be. While there’s no doubt about the fact that WP Rocket is the best caching plugin to ensure high speed and performance for your website, we can understand that its price can be a bit of a turn-off, especially when free caching plugins are available.

    So, here we are with some of the top WP Rocket alternatives that you could give a try to make sure that your website doesn’t frustrate your users with its lack of speed.

    However, before that, let’s get into a few details about WP Rocket and the reasons you may want to look for its alternatives.

    What is WP Rocket?

    WP Rocket is a WordPress website performance plugin that helps with page speed and core web vital score. It’s the #1 WordPress caching plugin with all the essential features for enhancing the page speed by reducing the page loading time and making sure that you have a great page speed score.

    In addition to enhancing the page speed, WP Rocket also takes care of the overall website performance and ensures that you have optimized core web vitals that help rank your website on the top search engine result pages.

    When to Look for a WP Rocket Alternative?

    WP Rocket is the fastest cache plugin for WordPress with great potential to enhance your website speed and caching performance. It’s also excellent for improving and optimizing your core web vitals and the plugin is open source and has its own advantages.

    However, despite all the major benefits one can derive from WP Rocket, a major hit is its price. Even the most basic version of WP Rocket costs $49. Although you can get some discounts with the ongoing offers on the plugin, still the lack of a free version is a big turn-off.

    If you’re on a budget, you will surely want to explore other plugins that do have a free version or at least don’t cost too much.

    Besides the price, there’s hardly any reason for you to look for an alternative tool like WP Rocket, but since you’re on your way to finding an alternative caching plugin for WordPress, you need to know that you’d not find anything better, just something that would do the trick for you without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Features WP Rocket Alternative Plugin Must Have

    WP Rocket is without any doubt the best caching plugin you can have for your website, however, it’s costly. There are other alternatives that offer similar features as WP Rocket for a much lesser cost. So, it’s worth looking out for them.

    But you need to know what features you have to check for alternative tools like the WP rocket cache plugin.

    Some of the most essential features that WP Rocket Alternatives must have are:

    1. The plugin should have a free version or at least must cost less than WP Rocket.
    2. The plugin should be a user-friendly plugin that is easy to install, configure, and use.
    3. It’s not merely about the features that a plugin has. Instead, it’s about the efficacy with which a plugin can solve your website speed problem. So, any alternative you see must be efficient enough to solve your website speed problem with better or at least the same efficiency as WP Rocket.

    My Criteria for Selecting WordPress Caching Plugin

    As I already mentioned, WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin, and the only reason you may not like it is its price. So, it was really not easy to pick out WP Rocket free alternative plugins.

    However, after much deliberation, I created the following criteria for selecting the alternative WordPress caching plugins-

    • Core Features – It’s essential to look at the features of the plugin. Now, of course, WP Rocket has the best features, however, there are plugins that offer similar features at a much lesser price.
    • Ease of Use – The ease of use of the plugin is essential to determine its efficacy. WP Rocket offers an easily understandable interface. The alternatives should match the same or be at least easy to use and configure.
    • Pricing – Pricing has been the most important criteria in choosing the alternatives. Since WP Rocket is expensive, my focus was to choose the alternatives that are free or cost lesser.

    7 WP Rocket Alternatives

    Now that I have discussed my criteria for the selection of alternatives, it’s time to hit the list of the best WP Rocket competitors that I have curated after thorough research, testing, and analysis.

    1. W3 Total Cache

    Wp rocket alternative: w3 total cache

    W3 Total Cache is an excellent plugin to speed up your WordPress website for improved performance. The plugin has features for all types of caching and can help with a great page speed score by optimizing your core web vitals.

    The plugin also comes with CDN integration that helps to keep the content delivery system transparent and manage files and data better.

    The plugin also has mobile support and accelerated mobile page support which ensures that your website is responsive and shows data and content to the visitors almost instantaneously.

    The only possible problem with W3 Total Cache is its inclination towards technicality. W3TC is not as easy to use as WP rocket and its configuration can be quite tricky and overwhelming. However, once you fully configure the plugin with your website, it can offer 10x improvement in your overall website performance which will in turn increase your user experiences and conversion rates.

    So, if you’re a techie, you can go for this plugin. Another good thing about the plugin is that it’s available free of cost and even in its free version, it’s fast and performs super well. You can also opt for the premium version to get more features.

    W3 Total Cache comes with features like:

    1. Transparent content delivery network management and integration that allows you to maintain your data efficiently.
    2. Mobile support that makes your websites responsive and great to work on all types of screens.
    3. Caching of multiple objects on your website and its feeds surpass caching features of all other plugins.


    W3 Total Cache is free to start with and you get most of the features with the basic free plan. However, if you need more advanced features and want to make your website even faster, you can go for the premium plan that costs only $8.25 per month when billed annually.

    Basic Plan – Free

    Pro Plan – $8.25/month, annual billing

    2. LiteSpeed Cache

    Litespeed cache , an alternative to wp rocket

    LiteSpeed Cache is a free and open-source WordPress plugin that acts as an all-in-one resource to enhance your website’s speed and performance. It has advanced cache management tools and optimization features such as image optimization, lazy loading, etc., to optimize the website speed and enhance website performance.

    The tool also employs the best practices for ensuring a high page speed score and is compatible with most of the other tools and plugins thereby being instrumental in providing an excellent web performance that caters to the most fulfilling user experiences.

    LiteSpeed Cache comes with features like-

    1. A free and open-source tool with a built-in page cache.
    2. Multiple optimizations features such as image optimization, lazy loading, etc., for increased website speed and ranking.
    3. Compatibility with other plugins and software like WooCommerce, Yoast, NinjaForms, etc.


    There are no plans as such for LiteSpeed Cache. It’s a free and open-source tool that you can readily install, configure, and start using without even paying a penny.

     3. WP Super Cache

    Wp super cache is also a wp rocket alternative

    WP Super Cache is another excellent open-source and free cache plugin for WordPress that works by generating and serving static HTML files to the users which are lighter than the dynamic WordPress files.

    When such static HTML files are served to the visitors and users, it takes lesser resources and time and you can ensure excellent speed and performance on your website. In addition to following a simple procedure for caching and serving files, the plugin is also equipped with automatic cache deletion which deletes the irrelevant files at regular intervals thereby creating more space for newer files.

    The plugin also comes with built-in CDN support which ensures faster delivery of content from the website and servers and adds to the website’s speed and performance.

    WP Super Cache comes with the following features-

    1. Quick conversion of dynamic files to static HTML files to compress their size and make them lighter.
    2. Automatic cache deletion features to remove irrelevant files from the system.
    3. Built-in CDN support to ensure faster content delivery.


    It’s a free plugin that you can readily install and configure with your WordPress website. So, there are no plans for it.

    4. Nitropack

    Ntropack: Top wp rocket alternative

    Nitropack is a great cloud-based plugin that helps you speed up your website in less than 5 minutes. The plugin comes with excellent cloud-based performance optimization features which help enhance the speed and performance of your website for delivering excellent user experiences.

    You can find features like advanced caching, image optimization, global CDN, script minification, and speed algorithm, all of which work in tandem to ensure that your website is delivering the expected speed and user experiences.

    Using the plugin is also easy and straightforward and even if you encounter a problem, you have the all-time support of Nitropack experts who solve your queries in an instant.

    Nitropack comes with the following features-

    1. Advanced caching features to ensure high page speed and performance.
    2. Image optimization and speed optimization features such as lazy loading, etc.
    3. Compatibility with other hosting solutions and page builders such as Cloudflare, Kinsta, Siteground, etc.


    Nitropack is free to start with and you can keep using its free plan forever. The paid plans start at $21/month. However, if you subscribe to the plans on an annual billing cycle, you can get an annual plan offer that provides a free subscription for two months on your annual payment, thereby saving you a lot of money. The plugin also comes with a 14-day free trial period which makes it all the more lucrative as you have got nothing to lose in case you don’t find the plugin useful.

    Free Plan – $0/month

    Business Plan – $17.50/month, yearly billing

    Growth Plan – $42.50/month, yearly billing

    Scale Plan – $146.67/month, yearly billing

    5. WPOptimize

    Wprocket alternative: Wp optimize

    WPOptimize is a brilliant plugin that works on three principles that are clean, compress, and cache. It cleans the unwanted data on your website thereby creating more space for the important data, compresses the images for their size so that they are pre-saved on the website and take lesser time to load, and caches all the website data in the form of static files to show it more quickly to the viewers.

    With these three practices, WPOptimize is excellent at optimizing your website speed and performance and delivering excellent user experiences that help with increased conversions.

    In addition to these three main features, WP Optimize comes with other features such as script minification, debugging, backups, etc.

    You can even enjoy more features like multisite support, lazy loading, logging and reporting, Cloudflare integration, and a lot more if you go for the premium version of the plugin.

    WPOptimize comes with the following features-

    1. A simple three-step clean, compress, cache procedure to enhance website speed and performance.
    2. Additional features like script minification, debugging, backup, and more to support enhanced website performance and management.
    3. Even more features like multisite support, Cloudflare integration, etc., if you opt for the premium version.


    The plugin has a free version, which is a bonus and you can get most features in the bonus plan alone. However, the plugin has also launched premium versions starting from $49/year that have even more features and benefits to offer than the free version. If you’re not so much on a budget, you can go for the premium versions to have better support, features, and functionalities to constantly maintain your website speed and performance.

    Starter Plan – $49/year

    Business Plan – $99/year

    Unlimited Plan – $199/year

    6. WP Fastest Cache

    WP Fastest Cache is also an alternative to WP rocket

    WP Fastest Cache is can be the most budgeted plugin that you’d use for maintaining your website speed and performance. It has a free version. Moreover, even with the paid version, you need not keep paying every month or even every year. The tool comes as a license for which you have to pay a one-time fee depending on the number of sites for which you want the license.

    Besides the pocket-friendliness of the tool, it’s great with its features as well. It has options to cache all website objects and you can have excellent speed on the website. The speed is further enhanced by the image optimization features including lazy loading.

    Moreover, the tool is great at deleting cache logs and other unimportant and unwanted databases thereby keeping the website clean and high performing.

    WP Fastest Cache comes with the following features –

    1. A highly budget-friendly tool with only a one-time fee to be paid for the premium version.
    2. It caches all kinds of website objects to enhance consistent and fast website speed and performance.
    3. It has excellent image optimization features including lazy load, etc., to make sure that images load speedily on the website thereby maintaining page speed and performance.


    The tool is extremely budget-friendly with a free plan and just a one-time fee payment required for going premium. In addition to this budget-friendliness, they also have a 30-days money-back guarantee. Moreover, with certain terms and conditions, you can even transfer your premium license.

    Free Plan – $0

    Bronze Plan – $49.99

    Silver Plan – $125.00

    Gold Plan – $175.00

    7. FlyingPress

    WP Rocket Cache: Flying Press is an alternative to it.

    FlyingPress is a lightweight and easy-to-use WordPress speed optimization plugin that helps enhance your website speed and performance by optimizing all the core web vitals.

    It has an extremely easy-to-understand user interface that you can set up and use with the step-by-step procedure detailed within the plugin.

    In addition to the excellent ease of use, the plugin comes with excellent features and functionalities including code minification, image optimization, lazy load, cache deletion, database optimization, and a lot more.

    It’s also well-equipped with an addon CDN which ensures better delivery of your static files throughout the content network thereby enhancing the website speed further without causing any interruption or latency.

    In addition to all these amazing features and benefits, FlyingPress is always available with an excellent support team to attend to your queries and problems and resolve them instantly.

    Flying Press comes with the following features-

    1. Easy to understand user interface that makes working with the plugin quick and simple.
    2. Add on CDN, which allows sending scripts and static files conveniently across website and content network at high speed.
    3. Excellent speed optimization features include image optimization, lazy load, cache deletion, database optimization, and more.


    Unfortunately, there’s no free plan available for FlyingPress nor does it offer any free trial. Nonetheless, the platform does have a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re not satisfied with the features and functionalities of Flying Press, you can have your money back, provided you claim it within 14 days of purchase. The plans that you can choose from are-

    Personal Plan – $60/year

    Developer Plan – $150/year

    Professional Plan – $250/year

    Agency Plan – $500/year

    Final Verdict – Which WP Rocket Alternative Should You Choose?

    WP Rocket is the best ever cache plugin that you can have for WordPress. It has all the caching features and comes with excellent functionalities to optimize your website speed and performance. The only problem with WP Rocket is that it’s quite a hit on the budget.

    So, if you’re seeking a low-budget caching plugin that could replace WP Rocket, this article gave you some alternatives.

    The best alternative that you could have is Nitropack. It has almost all the features of WP Rocket and costs a lot less. There’s a free version of the tool available and even if you go for paid plans their pricing is much more affordable.

    Moreover, if you’re looking for the best budget alternative, then WP Fastest Cache should be your choice as it offers a lifetime license for a very small amount depending on the number of sites that you wish to optimize. 

    Furthermore, W3 Total Cache is the most appropriate choice for you if you’re a techie and seek a plugin that helps you out in technical terms.

    Comparison of WP Rocket Alternative

    WP Rocket AlternativeFree PlanCDN IntegrationeCommerce OptimizationImage Optimization

    WP Rocket

    No Yes Yes Yes
    W3 Total Cache Yes Yes No Yes
    LiteSpeed Cache Yes Yes Yes Yes
    WP Super Cache Yes Yes No Yes
    Nitropack Yes Yes Yes Yes
    WP Optimize Yes No No Yes
    WP Fastest Cache Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Flying Press No Yes No Yes

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