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About me

Hi, I am Vineet Gupta. I am a Software Engineer turned to a Digital Marketer. From the past 8+ years, I am helping businesses improve their online presence, and increase leads and sales. I have also helped over 100 individuals learn marketing skills. Currently, I am working with a SaaS as a digital marketing lead.

Why This Blog?

My Official Team Emails & Hangout Group is Filled with SEO Nuggets.

Every day at work I share with my team a lot of SEO do’s and don’t, tips & trick, strategies, and many other things related to SEO and Marketing. I think if I share the same tricks then it would be helpful for you.

Proven Method to Generate Traffic, Leads, and Sales.

Over the years working with different professional marketers from the industry and on the various projects, we have developed a proven blueprint following which you can also improve your Client’s or your Brand’s online presence.

Learn SEO Concepts in 5 Minutes.

I share various SEO and Marketing concepts that I implement every day at work + new tricks that are working for me, and a lot more with my email subscribers. All this in under 300 words, I don’t send long, boring emails.

No Need to Read 1000+ Words to Learn SEO.

Most people don’t like reading text-heavy articles. In long articles at times, it gets difficult to find the “actual information” for which we originally did the Google search.

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What Others Are Saying

I have worked with Vineet for around 2 years, Have learnt SEO and digital marketing from him. I was able to make my career in digital marketing because of him. He have a very clear fundas around SEO do’s and don’ts. I always hit him up for any SEO related queries and questions.

Aditya Mishra,
SEO at Mobile Premier League

I have learned SEO and digital marketing from Vineet Gupta when I started my carrier, Have learned lots of SEO tricks from him. Then I was able to make my career in digital marketing because of him. He is a very nice person.

Ankit Alag,
Facebook Expert at Cliq Way Solution

Lipsa Pattanayak testimonial

I am so grateful to you that your SEO skills really helped me a lot to grow in Digital Marketing Industry. I value the SEO insights and guidance you provide when I actually need. I appreciate your helping nature that really motivated me to become a SEO Expert in future.

Lipsa Pattanayak,
SEO at Thetechnovate

Quick SEO Tips for Busy Marketers.

SEO tricks that you can learn in under 5 minutes.