There are 3.42 million active buyers on Fiverr. So, if you’re looking forward to making money on Fiverr, the opportunity is huge. However, you need these buyers to know about your services.

In addition to a strong buyer base, there’s a very strong seller base as well on Fiverr. So, the competition is pretty stiff.

Most people think that getting a gig on Fiverr is mostly luck.

However, if you’re doing things right, such as following the proper strategies to rank your Fiverr gig so that it’s instantly visible to the buyers, luck has little to do with your earnings.

The question is how to rank higher on Fiverr. What can you do to boost your Fiverr post ranking?

Well, you’ll find the answer in this article.

This article contains a detailed explanation of how to boost your Fiverr gig

However, before that, let’s have a quick overview of Fiverr and its benefits

About Fiverr and Its Benefits

Fiverr is the perfect platform for freelancers to market their services and make money. Many freelancers use the platform to find buyers who would pay handsome money in exchange for their services.

The platform has hundreds of categories in which you can offer services and grow your business. The payments are protected and you can decide your charges. So, it’s a great place to earn money.

Even for buyers, Fiver is a great platform where they can find freelancers and agencies for their work and hire services as per their budget. Since the payments are protected, you never need to worry about any financial risk or losses.

Moreover, Fiverr offers 24/7 support to help you with any problems you may have.

So, you can imagine how beneficial Fiverr would be if only you can rank your Fiver gigs. Well, let us help you with that by discussing everything you need to do to rank higher on Fiverr.

Key Steps For How To Rank Fiverr Gig

It doesn’t take a lot to rank your Fiverr gig. A few tips and steps can get you there.

Herein below are discussed all the steps you need to follow to rank your Fiverr gig on the top of the search posts

1. Do Proper On-Page SEO for the Gig 

Just like you do on-page SEO for ranking your website and blog posts, on-page SEO is also essential for your Fiverr gig. The better you are at using keywords in your gig title, description, and tags, the higher your chances of ranking. Be sure to optimize everything on your gig post.

  • Optimize the Gig Title

The title of your gig is the first thing that the buyers will see. So, it’s essential that your title is attractive and clickable. Be creative with the title and optimize it for keywords so that it appears in the search results and your targeted buyers are instantly able to find your gig post.

  • Optimize the Gig Description

Fiverr ranks your gig on many factors and gig description is one of them. So, you need to optimize the gig description so that it appears in the search results.

Find out the kind of keywords your target buyers might use to find a service and include those keywords in the description.

Also, make sure that you write a creative description that talks about your services and include all the necessary details. Being creative with the description enhances your chances of converting the gig.

  • Optimize the URL

You must also include the keywords in your gig URL as that will increase the chances for the gig to rank higher.

Now, URL is self-generated from the title of the gig. So, if you’ve taken care to optimize the title well, your URL will automatically be optimized. With all these SEO optimizations, you can rank your gig higher on Fiverr.

Basically, it’s essential to be good with SEO and it really doesn’t take a lot to be an SEO expert.

Just a few things, and you’ll understand how to optimize your posts for better rankings. If you wish to know what it takes to be an SEO expert, have read this blog.

2. Choose the Appropriate Category

Choosing the right category for your gig is very important to rank higher on Fiverr. Fiverr segregates and ranks the services based on different categories.

The more relevant your service to the chosen category, the higher the chances of ranking at the top of the gigs.

However, choosing the right category can be a challenge. There are more than 250 categories to list your gigs. Finding the most appropriate category from this long list is hectic and time-consuming.

Narrow down your search by having a clear idea of your services. You can look through other gigs ranking on the top and see what category they’re using to post their gigs and work out an appropriate category accordingly.

3. Optimize Your Category Search Tags

Category search tags are basically the keywords that you can add to your gigs to make them rank higher.

Perform thorough research on the search tags that relate to your chosen category and add them to your gigs.

When users will search for services using the relevant keywords that you have put in your category search tags, they will notice your gig post as it will rank higher on Fiverr due to proper optimization of the search tags.

4. Use Quality Images

Visuals create a better impact on the users. Even on your website, you need to have high-quality, easy-loading images to attract users and offer them good user experiences. The same thing works on Fiverr as well.

High-quality images enhance your rankings as it is one of the ranking factors on Fiverr. The buyers might not read your gig title or description, but if they find the image you have added appealing, they might click on your gig post.

So, always ensure that you use quality images for your gig post to rank it higher on Fiverr.

5. Make Trustworthy Clients

Your clients are your biggest asset. Once you have satisfied a client with your service, they will not hesitate to use your services again. Moreover, you can even reach out to them and ask for more work.

Client relationship is the key here. If you build a strong relationship with your client by offering quality services, you will have client loyalty and they would trust you with the work.

This will keep your ratings high and you will benefit by your gigs ranking higher on Fiverr.

6. Get Positive Reviews

Statistics reveal that 95% of customer read review before purchasing a service or product. This is true in case of Fiverr as well. The buyers would read your reviews before trusting your services.

Moreover, Fiverr keeps reviews as an essential ranking factor.

So, it’s essential that your gig posts have positive reviews. Ask your clients to leave you a positive review once they’re done with your services.

Additionally, always ensure that your clients are satisfied and happy with the services you’re providing them so that they’re happy to leave a positive review.

7. Use Strategic Pricing

Fiverr shows gigs to buyers based on their budget. So, you need to be very strategic with the pricing. An important factor in pricing is the average selling rate.

This is the rate at which you normally sell gigs. Now, you have to be strategic with your pricing since the start to ensure that your average selling rate after several gigs is quite high.

When pricing your services, do proper research, look at what other sellers in your category are charging and set a price accordingly.

The more strategic you are with pricing the higher your chances to rank and make money.

8. Promote Your Gig on Different  Social Platforms

Social media is trending and it’s a great way to generate business. As per statistics, social media helps increase business website traffic by 75%. So, social media can be a great way to generate traffic for your gig.

Promote your Fiverr gig by sharing it on different social media platforms. You can share the gig on your Facebook or Instagram account or even tweet about the gig.

The most favorable option would be to create a Facebook page and promote your gigs through that page. This way you can also attract buyers on Facebook. It’s a good option also because Facebook is the most widely used social media platform.

9. Create Multiple Gigs in the Same Category

The more gigs you post, the better your chances of ranking higher on Fiverr. So, a good idea would be to create multiple gigs in the same category while choosing different sub-categories.

For instance, if you provide content writing services, you can create multiple gigs in the “Content Writing” category while choosing subcategories as “Technical Writing”, “Medical Writing”, “Creative Writing”, etc.

10. Improve your Response Rate

You wouldn’t like to wait for a reply from a seller, would you? Well, of course, your buyers would not like that either. People look for sellers who they can connect with quickly and easily. 

If a buyer has messaged you, be sure to respond to them quickly. It’s essential that you’re online 24/7 so that your response rate is excellent.

Having a quick response time will also help your rank higher because you show better engagements with the buyers.

11. Complete Regular Orders Before Deadlines

Being prompt with your orders is essential to keep your buyers satisfied and happy. Don’t take more than you can bite.

Make sure that you’re adhering to the deadlines and delivering regular orders on or even before the deadlines.

It will keep the customers happy, they’ll leave a positive review, and might also keep giving you more work.

With regular completion of orders on your profile, even Fiverr will notice you and rank your gigs higher.

12. Review the Statistics & Make Further Strategies

When you analyze your performance, you can find scope for improvement and make strategies for the future.

With Fiverr, it’s easy to analyze how your gigs are performing. All the data and statistics such as the impressions your gigs are making, clicks, orders, cancellations, views, and conversions are available on your dashboard.

You can constantly monitor and review these statistics and accordingly make further strategies to improve your rankings and performance.

Are You Ready to Rank Higher On Fiverr?

Fiverr is an excellent platform to find work and make money.

However, with the competition, you constantly need to work on making your gigs rank higher on Fiverr.

The aforementioned tips are tried and tested and will help you a lot to boost your Fiverr gig and improve your Fiverr post ranking.

So, follow these steps and make more money on Fiverr.

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