Bottom Line An affiliate marketing network with more than 21k merchants to collaborate with and earn commissions. An affiliate marketing network with 4k+ merchants you can collaborate with as affiliates and publishers and earn commissions on sales.
Pros Large network of merchants and websites, easy-to-find affiliate programs, good support A fairly good network of merchants and websites, multiple website categories, excellent user interface, and dashboard.
Cons Managing the dashboard is quite messy. There’s one standard payment option and if you want any other option, you need to mail them.

Over 80% of the brands have affiliate marketing programs and 94% of the affiliate marketers leveraging these programs use multiple affiliate marketing networks.

However, you need to have that one perfect affiliate marketing network that surpasses all others. When it comes to that choice, one of the most prominent confusion is – Shareasale or Pepperjam.

Which of the two affiliate networks is better?

If you’re confused about that, then read on this comparison of Shareasale and Pepperjam to clear out all your confusion and find a definitive choice.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam

Shareasale and Pepperjam are two perfectly amazing affiliate networks that would pay you well. However, when it comes to a choice, Shareasale or Pepperjam becomes a really confusing decision.

Well, this Shareasale Vs Pepperjam comparison will help you find a final winner. However, before we start pitting both networks against each other on different parameters, let’s get an overview of each of them to understand the networks well.


Shareasale is the best-voted CPS affiliate marketing network with two decades of experience and expertise and offers affiliate marketers access to more than 21,200 merchants who they can connect for product promotions and earning commissions on sales.

You can read a detailed Shareasale review here.


Pepperjam is an affiliate marketing network that has been around for over 20 years as a promising platform to grow your marketing efforts through multiple marketing channels and brands that you can promote and earn commissions based on the sales.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam: A Detailed Comparison

Shareasale and Pepperjam are both affiliate marketing platforms that have been helping marketers meet their marketing goals and earn commissions for more than two decades. So, you may think that both are equally good.

However, there’s a huge difference between both of them as regards their market size, geography, website categories, payouts, and the support they offer.

Let’s have a look at the differences with this Shareasale Vs Pepperjam comparison on every important parameter.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam: Market Size

The market for affiliate marketing is pretty huge with most brands having an affiliate program. With that market, which platforms brands are collaborating with for their affiliate programs is important.

When you’re choosing between two affiliate marketing networks, their market size is of high relevance.

When comparing Shareasale and Pepperjam, this market size has a huge gap.

While the Shareasale affiliate network covers a whopping 19.93% of the market size, Pepperjam is far behind in the race with only 0.17% of the market share.

Given this vast difference in the market size, Shareasale does take a lead over Pepperjam to a certain extent.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam: Geography

Locations, where an affiliate network is popular, make a difference to your choice. The more locations where the affiliate network is popular, the better its reach, and the more revenue you can make.

So, assessing the geography as regards the network popularity is an essential consideration when comparing affiliate networks.

Location-wise, both Shareasale and Pepperjam have popularity all around the world. However, comparison entails that Shareasale is a more popular and leading platform in more countries than Pepperjam.

While Shareasale holds the market in countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, and more in a leading position, Pepperjam affiliate network is still a far way to come and match Shareasale in popularity as regards users in different geographic locations.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam: Website Category

What kinds of websites an affiliate marketing network covers shows the scope of marketing on the platform. You want to choose a platform that offers as many categories as possible for marketing and promotions.

Shareasale and Pepperjam both have almost the same kinds of categories for merchants and affiliates to choose from, however, the website coverage in the categories has a vast difference.

Shareasale covers far more websites in each website category. Moreover, it even has more categories than are available in Pepperjam.

Given the greater number of category options, the Shareasale affiliate network is stronger in this point of comparison as well.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam: Payout Details

This is the most important part to check when choosing an affiliate network. You’re on an affiliate network to make money. So, you need to know how the payments are made, when they’re made, and other terms of payouts, if there are any.

Let’s have a look at the payout details of both Shareasale and Pepperjam one after the other.


Shareasale pays its affiliates on every 20th of the month through checks, ACH direct deposit, or wire transfer, whatever is chosen by the affiliates.

For direct deposits, the affiliates have to fill a form in the Payment Settings on the platforms.

For wire transfers, a fee of $29 is levied.

So, checks is the best way to get paid for your affiliate marketing efforts. On checks, they have a cancellation policy as well, however, if the checks are not paid back to Shareasale within 90-days, there’s a cancellation fee of $35.

Besides these payment methods, there are also some additional payment terms like the merchants can opt for an extended lock date for payments and if the payment day falls on a holiday, the payments are made on the next working day.


Pepperjam has two payment cycles, the start of the month, that is, the 1st, and the mid of the month that is the 15th.

It takes about a week for them to process the payments to the affiliates and the affiliates must have at least a minimum amount of $25 accrued in locked commissions to receive the payments in the billing cycles.

The standard method that Pepperjam follows for payments is Paypal. Besides that, the payments are also made through direct deposit or check.

However, the affiliates have to make requests for changing the standard payment method if they wish to get paid in a different method.

Shareasale Vs Pepperjam: Support

Customer service and support expectations constantly keep increasing. Statistics reveal that 54% of customers have higher customer service expectations than they had one year before. It’s natural for you to be on the list of these customers.

When you’re dealing with an affiliate network, you will want good customer support so that you have instant answers and resolutions if and when you run into a technical difficulty.

Both Shareasale and Pepperjam have excellent support systems. Here’s an overview of the support available on each of the networks.


Shareasale has a support team with experts who are available round the clock to attend to affiliate queries and questions. They offer support through an email support system with consistent, quick, and timely responses.

You can also reach them out on calls to talk to real people for real solutions to your problems and queries.

Additionally, you can refer their training webinars and resources for support.


Pepperjam has an email support system for affiliates where they can mail their queries and questions and get timely responses.

Additionally, they have a live chat system on their website to provide instant responses to your queries and problems.

Besides that, you can look through the resources available on their website for additional support.

Shareasale or Pepperjam – Finally, Here’s What To Choose…

We think the choice is pretty obvious here, but still, if you’d like it mentioned, well, according to us, the Shareasale affiliate network is better than the Pepperjam affiliate network.

We have the following reasons for this choice-

  1. Larger market size.
  2. Greater coverage of website categories.
  3. More popularity in the same geographical locations.
  4. Excellent support through calls, emails, resources, and webinars.

Pepperjam is still a far way to come through all these factors when compared to Shareasale. So, our inclination to Shareasale here is quite justified. For more details about Shareasale, read this detailed Shareasale review.

We hope the article helped you and you’d know what to select.

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