Are you in search of the best WordPress polls plugin for implementing on your website?

There are so many WordPress poll quiz plugins out there, and picking the best out of the lot can be quite a hassle. In this article, I will be sharing my pick of the top 6 best WordPress plugins for polls.

What Is a WordPress Polls Plugin?

WordPress Polls plugins allow you to design, create, and implement online polling functionality on your website. Moreover, WP Poll plugins also let you display the poll results in the form of charts, graphs, etc. on your website itself.

Presenting your website audience with polls & questionnaires will allow you to increase engagement, improve your website/content, gain leads about potential customers, and understand the likes/dislikes of your target audience.

What to Look for in a WordPress Polls Plugin?

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are lots of survey & poll plugin WordPress tools out there.

So, while picking a WordPress poll quiz plugin, what all should you be looking for?

Below are some of the essential features that you must consider while picking the best WordPress poll plugins for your site:

  • Support for drag-and-drop form builders to easily design & create the polls template.
  • Shortcode support to easily deploy the final polls widget anywhere on your website.
  • Ability to create different kinds of polls/surveys.
  • User-friendly design elements so that your website visitors can easily understand & fill in the details asked in the form.
  • Support for responsive design so that the polls widget loads the same way irrespective of the device on which the user is browsing.
  • Ability to display the poll results as easily understandable graphs, charts, etc. on your website.

Benefits of Adding Polls Plugin to Your Website?

There are several advantages of implementing an online polling feature on your WordPress site. Below are some of those:

1. Gather User Information

You can ask for details such as email address, name, gender, age, etc. within the polls on your website.

Getting such information will help in building up your marketing list, understand your target demographic, and build better content/products/services to attract a similar audience.

2. Know About Your Site’s Weak Side

Audience response is the best way to improve your site’s design, content, etc.

You can ask for input from your website visitors on how to improve the experience on your website. Implementing the commonly reported changes will definitely help in improving the user experience of your website, thus resulting in more engagement.

3. Keep Audience Engaged

Creating polls/surveys is one of the best ways to keep your website audience engaged.

If you manage to create polls/surveys that actually generate curiosity in your audience, then they will definitely take part in the questionnaire to know how they fare against the other responders.

4. Get Free & Valuable Reviews/Testimonials

If you’re offering services/products on your website, then getting reviews and testimonials from your customers is an important part of improving the quality of your offering.

By asking for reviews & testimonials from your customers in the form of a questionnaire, you can get free valuable reviews & testimonials that you can count upon and also showcase to others on your website.

5. Generate Interests About Events/Products/Services

You must have noticed that most advertisements we see begin by asking us a question, which is usually a problem we commonly face. And the essence of the ad will be that the product/service that is being promoted is the solution for the aforementioned problem.

Similarly, you can ask questions related to the product/event/service that you are promoting to generate audience curiosity. Once you receive their response, you can advise them on how availing of the product/service/event can be a solution to their problem.

6 Best Polls Plugins for WordPress

1. WPForms

Best survey plugins for wordpress- WPForms

You must have definitely heard about WPForms, as it is one of the best WordPress plugins out there. WPForms is best not only for creating polls but also for creating registration forms, payment forms, contact forms, newsletter forms, and more.


  • More than 100 form templates to choose from.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder.
  • 100% responsive form designs that work the same way on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.
  • “Smart Conditional Logic” to enable/disable form elements based on user input.
  • Generate interactive reports to analyze poll data.
  • Ability to quickly embed the survey form anywhere you want on your website.


  • The “Basic” plan costs $39.50/year.
  • The “Plus” plan costs $99.50/year.
  • The “Pro” plan costs $199.50/year.
  • The “Elite” plan costs $299.50/year.


  • Easy for beginners to learn and get used to.
  • There are over 100 templates for different types of forms.
  • Spam protection features including CAPTCHA support.
  • 14-days money-back guarantee.


  • The free version doesn’t have support for most of the features.
  • No free trial for the premium version.

2. Formidable Forms

Surveys and polls form builder for WordPress- Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is yet another top-rated WordPress form plugin. Just like WPForms, Formidable Forms also allows you to build a wide variety of different forms. The best part of Formidable Forms is that it allows you to display the poll results in different ways including graphs, charts, or even as complete web pages.


  • “Views” functionality to beautifully display form data & poll results on your WordPress site’s front-end.
  • Allow users to review their entries before actually submitting the response.
  • Restrict multiple form entries from the same user.
  • Limit the total number of entries for a poll/questionnaire.
  • Completely mobile-friendly design that works across all screen sizes.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder.
  • Apply conditional logic to ask only relevant questions to the user.
  • Schedule your poll to end automatically after the deadline.


  • The “Basic” plan starts at $39.50/year.
  • The “Plus” plan starts at $99.50/year.
  • The “Business” plan starts at $199.50/year.
  • The “Elite” plan starts at $299.50/year.


  • Easy integration with third-party services.
  • The available form templates are stunning.
  • The customer support team is fantastic.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • No free trial for the premium version. However, there is a free version of the Formidable Forms plugin that gives you a good idea about how the plugin works.
  • Playing around with the design in the code level isn’t as easy as it should be.
  • The “Basic” plan feels quite restricted in terms of available features.

3. ProProfs Polls

Survey & poll plugin wordpress- Gravity Forms

If you’re looking for free WordPress plugins for polls, then look no further than the ProProfs Polls plugin. Using ProProfs Polls, you can easily create and deploy custom-branded polls on your website along with videos, graphics, and images.

Moreover, you can instantly gather feedback from the users as well as view the poll results in the form of reports and analytics.


  • A simple form builder that lets you easily create polls & questionnaires.
  • Track the user responses on the polls and generate reports based on the submitted data.
  • View and target responses based on the geographic location from which they were submitted.
  • Detect and disallow duplicate submissions.
  • Set the poll results as either public or private.
  • Share the polls on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Directly share poll links to be accessed across desktop and mobile devices.


  • The ProProfs Polls plugin is completely free to use on WordPress sites.


  • No downloads or coding required.
  • Easy to implement anywhere on your WordPress site using shortcodes.
  • Ability to add images, videos, and graphics to your poll template.
  • Add your brand’s colors or logo to the poll template.


  • Limited documentation on the supported features & functionalities.
  • The user interface of the form builder looks dated.
  • Some advertisements that can be seen throughout the form builder.
  • No integration with third-party services.

4. Gravity Forms

Best wordpress polls plugin- Gravity Forms

For anyone looking for a WordPress poll quiz plugin that provides advanced features but with an easy-to-master user interface, then the Gravity Forms WordPress survey form plugin is one of the best choices there is.

The developers of Gravity Forms also add new features & functionalities periodically, which makes it ideal for people who need access to the best features at all times.


  • Modern-looking builder to create survey forms easily within just a few minutes.
  • More than 30 ready-made form fields to choose from.
  • Apply conditional logic to show/hide fields depending on user input.
  • Send automated email notifications whenever a new user submits a form response.
  •  Ability to save your form template while editing and then later continue from the savepoint.
  • Schedule the forms to stop taking inputs after the deadline.
  • Limit user form submissions and avoid duplicate entries.


  • The “Basic” license costs $59/year.
  • The “Pro” license costs $159/year.
  • The “Elite” license costs $259/year.


  • CAPTCHA support to avoid spam entries.
  • Create an unlimited number of forms.
  • Very helpful support team.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Implementing advanced CSS codes can be a hassle.
  • The free trial version is limited in features support.
  • Integration with third-party services isn’t as easy as it should be.

5. WP-Polls

Best free wordpress plugins for polls- WP-Polls

WP-Polls is another free and simple WordPress survey plugin. Using WP-Polls, you can easily create polls/surveys and then implement it anywhere on your WordPress site including within posts, pages, or widgets sections. People who wish to implement custom CSS codes within their poll forms can do the same using WP-Polls as well.


  • Create simple yet functional polls, surveys, and questionnaires.
  • Display the poll results to users after their submission is done.
  • Ability to add custom CSS code.
  • Prevent users from submitting multiple entries.
  • Set a deadline for the poll, after which no inputs will be taken.
  • Create polls with multiple-choice options.


  • The WP-Polls is free to download and install on WordPress sites.


  • Easy to use and learn.
  • Best for beginners who are implementing their first forms.
  • Easy to show/hide on the WordPress site.
  • Free to download and use.


  • Very basic in terms of feature support and customization options.
  • No support for third-party services.
  • No proper support from developers.

6. YOP Poll

Free wordpress plugins for polls- YOP Poll

Last but not least is YOP Poll, which is another free WordPress plugin for polls. YOP Polls does offer some advanced features in comparison to other free survey plugins for WordPress. For instance, you can accept multiple answers from users, get shortcodes for the form template, clone existing poll forms, etc.


  • Ability to easily create & edit polls with no coding knowledge.
  • Clone existing poll forms.
  • Create and add multiple polls on your website.
  • Set an end date for your polls.
  • Display poll results to the website visitors, or set it as private.
  • Restart a poll by resetting the existing stats.
  • Assign voting privileges to users depending on whether they’re guest users, registered users, etc.
  • Block duplicate entries from users.
  • Ban responses from particular users.


  • Completely free to install and run on WordPress sites.
  • Access to all the basic necessary features to run polls on WordPress websites.
  • A simple form builder that is beginner-friendly.


  • No integration support with third-party services.
  • Limited customer support as the project is open-source.
  • No advanced features like other paid alternatives.

Final Verdict: Which Is the Best Polls Plugin for WordPress?

All the 6 best WordPress Polls plugins mentioned in this article are really functional and useful. However, if I were asked to pick my favorite, then there are 3 of them that I absolutely love using, which are:

1. WPForms has to be the best all-rounder polls plugin for WordPress out there. Using WPForms you can create custom forms that fit all kinds of websites, integrate the forms with other third-party services, and do so much more without affecting the performance of your website in any manner.

2. Formidable Forms comes in a close second place for me. Just like WPForms, Formidable Forms does offer a lot of advanced features and customization options. The one thing I absolutely love about Formidable Forms is that the plugin gives more options to display the poll results on the site.

3. ProProfs Polls is one of my favorite options from the list, and the main reason is that it is absolutely free to use on any WordPress site. Moreover, as you don’t really have to install the plugin on your site, it is best for people who only occasionally deploy surveys/questionnaires on their site.

Quick Comparison of Best WordPress Polls Plugins

PricingFree TrialThird-Party IntegrationResponsive
WPForms Starts at $39.50/year Yes, with limited features support
Formidable Forms Starts at $39.50/year Yes, with limited features support
ProProfs Polls Free
Gravity Forms Starts at $59/year Yes, with limited features support
WP-Polls Free
YOP Polls Free

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