Are you looking for how to increase your email list in 2021?

Do you want to know how to expand the number of your email list?

Also, did you know that there are some effective tools that can assist you in growing your email list?

If you’re continuously nodding while reading these questions, then you have landed at the right place.

When you’re beginning from scratch, creating a large email list seems like a lot of work.

I will go through some proven methods for starting an email list from scratch in this article. Best of all, these tactics are intended to build a loyal email subscriber base.

What Is an Email List?

An email list is a list of emails you’ve gotten from the readers or visitors on your blog or website. It’s a list of email addresses that a person or company may use to deliver marketing materials to a large number of people.

In plain words, an email list is a synonym for “the mailing list” or “subscriber’s list” because it corresponds to the total number of subscribers you have.

Email Marketing has enormous potential to drive more leads for your business as generally, every person has an email address. Moreover, it has been found that email marketing is 40 times more effective in getting new customers and retaining existing customers as compared to social media marketing.

Why Do You Need to Build Your Email List?

Are you considering creating a mailing list but are unsure why it’s necessary?

Most bloggers and business owners underestimate the importance of maintaining a mailing list when they first start out.

I’ll go into why it’s necessary to create an email list in this section. Here are seven reasons why you should build an email list.

1. Reach out to your Potential Customers Directly

Creating a mailing list helps to reach out to potential customers for your services or goods with no restrictions. You can send a message to their mailbox as many times as you choose, and you can send them as much information as you would like.

You may also customise messages to the customers’ preferences and potentially collect feedback relevant to the customer’s favourite items if you have an email list. Email allows you to communicate with potential customers at a more efficient rate.

2. Level up Your Online Marketing Game 

It’s impossible to organise online marketing activities if you don’t have a clear idea about who you’re engaging with and how to reach them. If you have a mailing list, you will decide how, where, and who to contact. Simply put, you can classify, organise, and share your contacts through different parties.

3. Email Serves as an Effective Promotional Channel

Regardless of how many new digital marketing techniques emerge, email marketing remains one of the most profitable ways to promote your business. Email is the third most important source of information for B2B clients, behind peer feedback and industry-specific opinion heads.

Furthermore, consumers who purchase goods by email spend 138 percent more than those who do not. Most of you must have understood now why email marketing is necessary.

4. Help in Building a Fixed Asset

You’re creating something in your email list which will be beneficial in the future, even though it doesn’t seem to be really significant at first. While social media is fleeting and subject to change, email marketing is a constant.

Consider the deterioration of Facebook’s organic influence and the downfall of Google+ as examples. You will understand that email is a long-term commodity over which you have complete control. Although social media advertising has its restrictions, email allows you to reach out to your clients directly.

5. Uncover the Needs and Demands of Your Customers

When visitors use their busy time to subscribe to your blog’s email list. Your products or services are more likely to pick their attention. Writing emails would also help you understand more about their interests. You will focus more on what consumers want with this knowledge and develop a new strategy to meet their rising expectations.

6. Increase the Number of Returning Visitors 

Any person who visits your website leads to the valuation of your company. However, more than 70% of those leaving the main website seem unlikely to return.

This is especially true if you struggle to incorporate strategies that might entice them back, such as using a website email list to reach them on a daily basis. People are more likely to return to the website if you send them an email asking them to take advantage of a promotional deal or try out new services.

7. Higher Revenues

Using a mailing list to contact website users directly could turn each of them into a lead. Simply set up an email list subscription to your website, which will ask for their name and email so that you can follow up with them.

Emailing them directly increases the chances of attracting more customers, and with an estimated ROI on ads of 4,200 percent, it’s a fantastic way to increase sales.

How to Grow Your Email List?

Here are the 19 best ways to grow your email list:

1. Build a Website Landing Page

Landing pages are a pretty effective way of increasing the email list. They’re pages whose sole aim is to complete one action — whether it’s a purchase, a sign-up — and nothing else.

When you ask for an email address, you’re normally offering a content update in exchange. Ebooks, manuals, articles, or any other useful material you don’t typically give away can be used as upgrades.

These landing pages are usually self-contained and not available from your main navigation. Landing pages may be used in a variety of ways. You can use the services like MailChimp, ConvertKit to create landing pages to capture emails.

Can you recall hearing about Netflix for the first time? With limitless movies and Television shows for less than $10 a month, the entertainment package seemed almost too tempting to be real. It’s no surprise they outperformed the market.

Grow Your Email List by Building an Effective Landing Page

Their landing page emphasizes the most critical advantages without making it seem quite confusing or impossible to sign up. And clearly, this plan is working: according to recent estimates, Netflix now has over 192 million viewers worldwide.

2. Add a Signup Box to Your Homepage

The homepage receives most of the site’s page views. It’s one of the site’s most important pages. It’s the entrance to your service. And that’s where all the traffic flows; you have to ensure that people interested in your blog are given a chance to subscribe to your newsletter.

Brian Dean of Backlinko has utilized this opportunity pretty well. The first thing you will notice as soon as you land up on Backlinko is a sign-up box where you can sign up for getting his proven SEO tips.

Add a Signup Box to Your Homepage to Grow Your Email List

You can capitalize on the visitor’s interest and authority by immediately asking for their email address through the signup box. You should guarantee that 100 percent of the homepage traffic has the opportunity to sign up because the first fold is perhaps the most-viewed section of a webpage.

3. Set up a Hello Bar 

If the previous choices haven’t intrigued your attention, this one would.

A Hello Bar always appears at the top of a browser, regardless of how far down you scroll as shown below:

How to grow your email list: Set up a Smart Bar at The Top of a Browser

It blends in with the rest of the site’s design while also providing excellent value. People are directed to a page where they can subscribe to your mailing list because the pop-up contains their email addresses and adds them to the email list by pressing the Sign Up Today button.

Hello Bar is simple to set up and leaves the rest of the website free to promote your goods and services.

4. Create a Pop-up with an Exit Intent

An exit intent pop-up is a desperate attempt to have your user connect with your website. They’ve already left, so this pop-up aims to save the situation by collecting an email address. They can be annoying, but they actively work.

As the cursor advances to close the tab, the pop-up appears. You want people to pause to read the box, so make the headline appealing and give them a compelling reason to complete the form.

Use an Exit Intent Pop-Up

Blissworld is a popular website dealing with Face and Body Skincare products, and their exit purpose popup reflects that with a clean, sleek style. The strategy employed by this popup is particularly remarkable.

Rather than offering a signup for a general mailing list, bliss world bases this popup on the most appealing offer ‘get 20% off on your first order to attract the attention of customers in a short time span.

You can use a tool like OptinMonster that offers the most powerful Exit-intent popups.

5. Take Advantage of Free Trial Periods

If you run a service-based business, this would be ideal for you. You can let the customers have a 30-day trial plan for your paid services, where they have to sign up using their email address.

This allows you to send them information about your company and services and keep them informed regarding the latest updates and programs. With this, you’ll be able to turn a decent number of free trial customers into paying users if you do it correctly.

Here’s how Hootsuite has done it. What they did was offer a 30 day free trial for two of their paid plans. This way, the users can get access to their services simply by creating an account with Hootsuite.

Use 30-day Free Trial Plan to Get Email Id's of Users

As you know, almost every time you create an account, you enter your email address that would automatically add up to the Hootsuite email list. You can do this for your business as well and grow your email list quickly.

6. In the Checkout Process, Have an Email Area

If you run an e-commerce company, you have an excellent opportunity to acquire your customers’ email addresses during the checkout process. You’re losing out on a chance to reach out to a heavily motivated segment of the market if you’re not gathering email addresses from your customers.

Consider this: Your customers are still getting prepared to buy stuff from you. They’re likely to want to be notified about deals, new items, and notifications from your email list. To simplify the compilation and registration in autoresponder order, you can usually merge your cart with your email service provider.  You might use a checkbox to allow your customer to permit you to contact them, or you can tell them what they’ll get when they type their email address in your call to action.

E-commerce Company can Acquire Customer's Email Addresses During the Checkout Process

You can gather consumer emails from the checkout in Ecwid and use them to submit marketing emails later. Customers should check a box in the checkout to accept offers from your online marketplace. Based on the data you have collected, you can shape a mailing list of customers and send off personalized promotional emails to boost your email marketing campaign.

7. In Exchange for an Email Address, Have a Discount

Fortunately, this is an ethical bribery tactic that works well. Present a discount in return for the user’s mail id rather than an opt-in offer. Bliss, a skincare company, does this with a popup that offers a 15% discount.

Offer Deals & Discounts in Exchange of Visitor's Email Address

J. Crew offers new users an extra 40% discount end today on the off-sale styles in return for an email address. When it comes to exit intent deals, e-commerce platforms have an edge because there’s always a space for a coupon when offering a product, and there’s a precise quantity of value for both consumers as well as the website.

8. Make Sure Your Email Signature Is up to Date

Every month, how many people do you send emails to? If you’re a columnist, blogger, or solopreneur, you usually send in hundreds of emails every week. These are the people you would like to add to your email address. Replace your email signature with a CTA that encourages your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, as Noah of Sumo has done.

Replace Your Email Signature With a cta to Get More Subscribers For Your Email List

Noah adds a “P.s.” to his email signature, after which he connects a link to his podcast. You may do the same thing, except instead of connecting to a podcast as Noah did, direct readers to your opt-in page to join your email list.

9. Perform a Survey

Surveys help you kill two birds with one stone when it comes to email list-building. They will help you understand the psychographics and characteristics of your target audience. Consider offering a reward for completing a survey.

In Minneapolis, A pizza shop Punch Pizza gave away free pizza to the first two hundred and fifty people who answered the survey conducted by them. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to think of a way to add meaning to their lives for anyone to take a survey.

10. In Your Social Media Bios, Have a CTA

Rather than introducing yourself in your social media profile, use the area to persuade your fans/users to subscribe to your mailing list with a clear and compelling CTA. Many business owners now use this strategy to direct traffic to their website or store.

Write a Compelling CTA & Add Your Website's link to Your Instagram Bio

In your Instagram or Facebook bio, add the link to your blog’s homepage and add a sign-up box at the homepage as I’ve done above. This way, you can convert your followers to your subscribers quickly.

11. Integrate WPForms with Sendinblue

If you’d like to deliver one-on-one email campaigns and have a limited budget, this is the tool. When you consider Sendinblue’s email marketing capabilities integrated with WPForms, this can be a fantastic way to collect emails and organize your email marketing strategies.

You will refine your emails using the platform’s options to increase revenue and clicks on the site. Often, bear in mind that it is indeed a very low-cost combination that can yield excellent performance for your business!

 12. Post in Facebook Groups

Facebook is used by the majority of people you meet. That means a large part of the customer base is on Facebook as well. There’s a Facebook group about almost everything you can talk of.

You can easily expand your email list by posting high-value posts on targeted Facebook groups that lead to your opt-in deal. It can be a perfect way to grow your email list of actively committed members and target audience if achieved in a value-added way.

However, always strive to provide more than you take, and don’t forget to add meaning before promoting your opt-in bid.

Just from Facebook leads, Corey Robert’s Black Card Book Publishing grossed well into the seven-figure.

Post In Facebook Groups to Build an Email List for Free

Utilizing Facebook groups is an amazing way to increase engagement with your customers while remaining in touch with them by email.

13. Utilise Swipe up Function on Instagram Stories

While you’re on Instagram, look at your Stories and see if the Swipe Up option is available. Don’t fret if you can’t find it. You must be qualified for it. You must have a business account and get more than 10,000 followers to be eligible for the Swipe Up option.

You can use the feature as soon as you meet all specifications. Add a link to your mailing list when you use this Instagram benefit. This way, when your followers swipe up on your story, they’ll be taken directly to your mailing list form, and you can grow it exponentially.

14. Add a Call to Action on Your Youtube Videos

If you have a broad YouTube audience, you can include your website’s URL in the description of a video in the same niche as your blog’s content, which will boost access to your home page and eventually expand your email list.

You can do something similar to what Miles Beckler does in his youtube channel header.

Use CTA in Your Youtube Videos to Draw More Visitors to Your Website

Miles Becker has added a link to his ‘free online money-making course’ redirecting to his landing page, thereby collecting the visitor’s email addresses.

Add a link of Your Landing Page in Your Youtube Videos

If you’re in business, you can even make someone review or rate your products on YouTube. You must have a link to your email list in the video so that someone interested in purchasing the product or learning about exclusive deals can join your mailing list quickly.

15. On Quora, Answer Questions

Quora has a reputation. Quora questions will rate almost as high as a 2000-word article posted on search engines.

Use Quora to Grow Your Mailing List From Scratch

Since the majority of successful Quora responses are lengthy, informative, and knowledge-rich, they are given a lot of weight. You can use the details from one of your high-converting blog posts to answer a query.

Consider Quora as a low-cost, highly targeted advertising platform. You’re simply directing visitors to parts on your website where they can subscribe to your mailing list. Soon, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website in the same way as many Quora users do.

16. Guest Contributions on Other Websites

Guest posting is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways to start building your email list. For one thing, nearly everyone continues with this strategy: it succeeds.

Help Scout Blog grew 36,733 email subscribers by employing effective guest blogging strategies.

Contribute high-quality, widely discussed articles to prominent publications and blogs in your field to develop your email list by guest posting.

To increase the number of emails you will receive, create a content update for each guest post you write and link it from your author bio.

17. Conduct a Webinar

Webinars are an effective way to increase the mailing list and transform a large portion of your visitors into potential customers. Also, for those who had never heard of you until now, your webinar might become a medium to get new email subscribers.

If you’re conducting a webinar to sell something or create your email list, both methods are successful. They help you build your list quickly because guests enroll for the webinar with their email addresses or phone numbers, enabling you to expand your subscribers.

Amy Porterfield used easy webinars to grow her email list from 600 to over 250,000 subscribers. She runs Facebook Ads to collect email addresses and names of people for signups for webinars which help grew her business largely.

18. Repurpose Your Content

Why not take advantage of today’s world of content reuse and repurposing?

It’s not nearly as complicated as you would think. If you could only make an infographic out of the content of your article, that would be fantastic. It gives the readers more information with less work.

They become more interested, and you get more traffic as a result. It’s the same content, which is previously written, just in another way.

For instance, you can take one of your most popular blog posts and create an email series out of it which you can send to your customers in several parts as emails for a few days.

Benjamin Hardy, author of Slipstream Time Hacking repurposed his blog post content on Medium. He added a compelling CTA in his medium articles to opt-in and subscribe to his email list. In this way, he was able to generate his subscriber list from 0 to 20,000 in only 6 months.

19. Host a Giveaway

Using a giveaway to grow the list is not only useful, but it’s also one of the most time-efficient ways. Choose a commodity that is particularly important to the audience rather than one that everybody likes.

You risk attracting unqualified leads to your list if you pick a product that everybody likes, such as an iPad or an Amazon gift card. You cannot end up paying to keep a lot of uninterested users on your list that unsubscribes as soon as you send them the next message and they didn’t win the giveaway.

The higher the value of the giveaway, the more entries you’ll get, and your mailing list will expand faster.  

Bryan Harris received 2,239 emails in 10 days, thanks to a giveaway. He gave away a subscription to Leadpages for 10 years to his customers. After one week, 2239 people participated in his giveaway and subscribed to his email list.

Host Giveaways & Contests to Grow Your Email List

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to afford to give the giveaway items for free, there are two options.

To begin with, you can give away your company’s goods. It encourages you to market your brands simultaneously. If you’re trying to go in this direction, make sure there’s a market for it.

Second, form a relationship with another organization to supply your giveaway with their items as prizes. Using your giveaway as a forum helps them to sell their items while appealing for your giveaway, mainly if the prizes are in high demand.

5 Tools to Help You Build Your Email List

If you’re hunting for any resources to assist you in building your email list, look no further. Below is a list of 5 great tools that will assist you in growing your email list.

OptinMonster – Best Pop-up Builder

OptionMonster - Best Pop-up Builder

Exit intent, slide-in CTAs, lightbox popups, and other lead generation techniques are all possible with OptinMonster. The user interfaces and creating a popup takes a little time to get used to, but it’s not too hard until we get a hold of it. Also, anytime you would have a concern or require assistance, their support staff is really quick to answer.

Pricing: Here’s a brief look at OptinMonster’s pricing (billed annually): Basic: $9 a month, Plus: it’s just $19 a month. Pro: $29 a month

Rafflepress – Best for Hosting Giveaways

Rafflepress - Best for Hosting Giveaways

RafflePress is a completely new giveaway WordPress plugin that renders running a competitive online contest a breeze. Most WordPress plugins were messy, unreliable, inaccurate, and challenging to use. Then, RafflePress emerged as a giveaway plugin that is both efficient and simple to use. Grow your email list and website traffic significantly with effective and viral giveaways through Raflepress.

Pricing: It provides three plans like Plus, Pro, and Growth Plans for $39.20, $79.20, and $159.20, respectively.

Thrive Themes – Best Page Builder

Thrive Themes - Best Page Builder

The user interface of Thrive Themes is very user-friendly. Beginners can find it simple to build pages with its drag and drop editor. You can seamlessly sync with hundreds of other marketing software and utilities, such as plugins, platforms, and more, thanks to Thrive Themes great 3rd-Party Integrations.

Pricing: Thrive Suite comes at the price of $19/month.

Convert Kit – Best Email Marketing Tool

Convert Kit - Best Email Marketing Tool

The best email marketing software is ConvertKit that helps you grow your business and connect with your target audience. Even though there are free options, ConvertKit is a good place to start. You’ll finally bridge the gap, so start here. ConvertKit’s most prominent attribute is how precise it is. Now you don’t have to create a separate list for every project you start. With ConvertKit, you can manage all your subscribers from one list with tags and segments to differentiate.

Pricing: ConvertKit has a free plan that is ideal for getting started, as well as paid plans that start at $29 per month.

Sumo List Builder – Best for Lead Generation

Sumo List Builder- Best for Lead Generation

Sumo list-builder builds lists of pop-ups and is one of the best tools for lead generation. List Builder, in fact, provides a basic drag-and-drop GUI for customizing the pop-up. You can also choose from several different pop-up styles. This will save you some time in the design process. You may also display various pop-ups to different visitors using the tool.  

Pricing: Sumo provides both free and paid options, with the latter priced at $90 a month.

What to Avoid When Building an Email List?

Avoid the approaches mentioned below when trying to expand your email list, as they will harm your email list’s progress.

  • Purchasing Email Addresses

Many people believe that buying a list is the cheapest and easiest way to create one. While this is the quickest approach, it usually backfires because there’s no way to ensure that the bought email addresses are genuine or affiliated with users who are involved in your content.

As a result, you might buy a 5,000-address list and find that only a few people read your content.

  • Sending Emails with No Specific Target

A common aim for your email marketing strategy and each email you deliver goes towards making your emails worthwhile for your subscribers. You don’t want to send emails just for the purpose of sending it; the subscribers can sense this, and they can be turned off by information that isn’t relevant to them.

Before sending an update, you should have a clear idea of what you plan to enforce. Is it conveying business news or distributing a coupon code? Announcing a new offer to your customers? The aim should guide your email marketing content.

  • Collecting Inappropriate Information

You don’t have to press for too many personal details when you’re demanding somebody to provide it for your mailing list, or you’ll fall off as a spammer. You have to allow subscribing simple and quick because you want your audience to feel comfortable sharing their contact information with you.

Allow enough time for the user to know about your company and determine whether or not you are a reliable entity.

  • Sending an Excessive Number or an Insufficient Number of Emails

The easiest way to keep consumers with email marketing is to be persistent with the mailing patterns and let subscribers know what to expect. Your subscribers can become irritated and unsubscribe if you send multiple emails in a row every few months or several emails a day.

Make a daily plan and adhere to it. Most email marketing platforms have scheduling advantages that make this easy, including planning email months ahead of time.

  • Offering an Extrinsic Incentive

Trying to offer an incentive is a convenient way to persuade customers to join a targeted mailing list, but this can reflect poorly if the reward isn’t genuinely beneficial to a consumer.

You would not want to sell a deal that ends the very next day or a coupon that can only be used at one store at a given time, for instance. Keep the incentive as valuable and available as possible for many consumers.

ACT NOW to Grow Your Email List!

So, now that you’ve got a clear idea of what an email list is, you ought to build one. You might have already understood the significance of an email list for your website and the traffic it drives to your content. Also, when you consider how to build your email list, you can find some well-proven tactics above to help you grow your email list.

You simply cannot afford to neglect your email list. We’ve provided you with all email list-building tactics under the sun. It’s now up to you to expand your email list and have more and more visitors to your site.

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